Buck 0422 422 Bucklite 1984-1985 Early 1st Generation Brown Handle Folding Knife Lockback USA Lot#LT-27

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Buck Knife

422 Bucklite

No date code on the tang-It could be made in 1984 but they were produced in 1985 also before the change when Buck added the 1 dot

Early brown Valox Handle


Made in the USA

Closed length 4 1/4"

Blade length 3" 

Knife appears to have factory edge and is in excellent condition but shows a few marks on the blade-I tried to take a pic but it was very difficult

First generation of BuckLites (1984-1987) were built from two pieces of Valoxª sandwiched on either side of the blade, a standard lockback "rocker" and a small tension bar extending from an inner plate that formed the end of the handle. This was all held together at the end with two brass rivets. The blade rotated on a slightly larger brass rivet up front, and the rocker pivoted on a small steel pin positioned about one-third of the handle length back from the blade. This was a very elegant way to apply the new material to an existing design, and one that allowed for the re-use of a number of components, such as the blades and rocker. It turned out to be a design that helped sales of the BuckLite take off from the very beginning, too, since the overall dimensions and operation so closely matched those of the other models, and were thus very familiar, but with a nice savings in both cost and weight. BuckLites weren't just lighter on your belt; they were lighter on your wallet too!