Case 31954 Mini CopperLock Marked CV not CS Carbon Lockback Pocket Knife Jig Dark Red Bone USA 61749L CV

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Case Knife

31954 Mini Copperlock 

Peach Seed Jig Dark Red Bone Handles

CV-Chrome Vanadium Steel

CV is discontinued and replaced with CS-Carbon Steel

You will get the one pictured

Case's combination of Dark Red Bone grips with carbon steel blades has been essential to the Case line for years. This new series features their Peach Seed jigged handle style; a new twist to an ageless favorite. The Copperlock knife is an original design by W.R. Case that combines elements from the Trapper and Copperhead to make a new lockback knife. The Mini Copperlock is smaller than the traditional Copperlock without compromising durability. Featuring a fully locking clip blade, this knife has the cutting power of a lockback, with the look and feel of a traditional Case pocket knife. The Clip blade is commonly used as a multi-purpose blade that makes this pocket knife great for everyday use. This knife is constructed with Case's Chrome Vanadium (CV) steel. Some knife lovers will settle for nothing less than Chrome Vanadium blades, since this special formula of alloyed steel is the “original” Case blade steel. Case Chrome Vanadium blades are known for their edge-holding ability and easy re-sharpening. However, they are less resistant to rusting, pitting, and discoloration than stainless steel. We recommend keeping a thin film of oil on the blade to maintain the finish. This ensures that your knife will be around for future generations to enjoy.

Clip Blade

The Clip blade is extremely versatile — just the thing for those everyday tasks at work or around the house. With a sharp point for piercing, the shape allows for better control of the cutting edge.


  • Mirror-Polished Chrome Vanadium blades
  • Locking Clip blade
  • Peach Seed Jig Dark Red Bone handle; Case Traditions shield
  • Length: 3.63 inches closed and 2.0 ounces
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Mini CopperLock 31954 (61749L CV)
  • Closed Length: 3.63"
  • Blade Steel: Chrome Vanadium Steel
  • Blade Shape: Clip
  • Blade Finish: Mirror-Polished
  • Handle Material: Peach Seed Jig Dark Red Bone
  • Locking Mechanism: Lockback
  • Weight: 2.0 oz.
  • Made in the USA