Buck 0119 CMB0119LE 119 Special 5 Generation Knife Set 75th Anniversary 2017 Legacy Limited Edition #17/119

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Buck Knife


Special 5 Generation Knife Set

ONLY 119 Made-this one serial number 17

Knives are still the way they came from the factory-I did not put them back in the sheathes, I made blade covers and wrapped them in bubble wrap

The display is unopened in the factory box.

The Legacy of the 119


Hoyt Buck designed what would become the 119 after the US Government requested donations of fixed blade knives to help arm the men fighting during World War II. Starting out in the basement of the church he pastored, Hoyt handcrafted each knife from used file blades and lucite in various colors. As word traveled through the soldiers about these impressive Buck knives, he began taking orders from servicemen who requested a custom made knife. Up until 1945, the first fixed blades were created in multicolored stacked lucite and then later transitioned into the highly recognizable solid blue, red, green or black lucite handles, each featuring a single white lucite line in the middle. This blue replica represents the most popular and well-known model from this time period. 


After Hoyt Buck's Passing in 1949, Al Buck continued into the family business in the small 10x12 foot lean-to in San Diego, CA. This version of the 119 introduces the blood groove and features a Lignum Vitae handle and 6" blade constructed from used files. Although still a popular military knife the fixed blade began transitioning into a utility and hunting knife. This version can be found in some of Bucks early outdoor magazine ads with the headline, "Amazing Bench Knife Cuts Anything" and a picture of a bolt-cutting demonstration. Al Buck traveled around the country doing bolt cutting demonstrations as one of his sales techniques.


In the mid-1950's, Al switched handle materials and began using elk or ebony as a more stable alternative. This version of te 119 features an elk handle and a 6" blade constructed from used files. Often advertised as Buck Lifetime Knives, the 119 Special cost $22 during this time period.


Buck Knives incorporated in 1961 and moved to a 3200 sq. foot location in San Diego, CA. During this time, the use of file blades was no longer necessary and blades were made from forged blanks of 440C steel alloy. Though assembled through different manufacturing processes, the 119's of this time closely resemble the modern 119. This version features a phenolic handle and 440C steel blade, representing more reliable and pliable materials that transitioned the 119 model into the icon it is today.


To complete this historical set of knives, the 5th and final knife is the 75th-anniversary edition 119 Special that will only be available through 2017. It is the standard 119 featuring a phenolic handle and a 6" 420HC blade marked with the 75th Anniversary stamp and a handle medallion denoting 75 years. Signed by CJ Buck, this leg of the 119 journey depicts a piece of American history.


  • Wooden Display Case
  • Certificate of Authenticity serialized with a total quantity of 119