Buck 0191 191 Zipper RARE Collector First Version Small Guthook USA Made 1991 Hunting Knife Lot#191-1

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Buck Knife

191 Zipper

This is the first model made by Buck, it has a guthook that was too small.  they did not work.  So Buck redesigned the guthook.  Correct me it I'm wrong but I believe these were recalled.  It is a collector item, not for use.

Wood grain handle

I believe in 1991 Buck still used 425M blade steel.   

Overall Length 8 3/4"

Blade Length 4 1/8"

Made in the USA in 1991-the year these knives were introduced-the 1991 Buck catalog actually says "Coming Soon!"

Factory edge, I know this one was in my house during the 2011 Joplin tornado, that is why the sheath is spotted, it got wet and did not get cleaned properly or timely.